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Five Reasons Why a Kitchen Upgrade Is Definitely Worth the Hassle

One truth that you must come to terms with, whether you are renovating the kitchen for resale or it is something you have always wanted to do since moving in, is that it is a difficult job. It will most likely take longer than you anticipated and perhaps even stretch your budget to its limit. You will probably also lose sleep over it.

That’s why you need to buckle up since you are in for a bumpy ride. However, when the going starts getting tough, simply keep the following tips in mind regarding why the hassle is definitely worth it.

1. The Look on the Faces of Your Family and Friends When They See It for the First Time

You will definitely welcome any reminder that the investment was worth every penny spent in the immediate aftermath of upgrading the kitchen when you are still slightly sleep-deprived and trying to keep the process within your budget. Some of the most welcoming reminders will be in the form of the remarks made when your family and friends see your shiny new kitchen for the first time.

2. The Feeling You Get Whenever You See It

Obviously, while it is good to impress your family and friends, that cannot be compared to the warm fuzzy feeling you will have whenever you feel how cool the new granite countertops feel on the underside of your arms. Or how happy you will feel whenever you look at your new range and start picturing yourself lovingly preparing meals for your family on it. It is a kind of contentment that never ages.

3. How Much It Will Entice Prospective Buyers If You Ever Decide to Sell

If you ever decide to sell your home in the future, the kitchen might end up being the room that either makes or breaks the sale. You are probably familiar with the analogy about judging books by their covers. When that analogy is applied to house selling, the house is the book while the kitchen is the cover – even more so than the exterior, it is one space that buyers use to judge your home. Fortunately, depending on the scale of the upgrade, a kitchen remodel can recoup up to 70 percent of costs.

4. The Fact That You Will Probably Spend a Lot of Time There

The old adage “the kitchen is the heart pf the home” is so persistent for a reason, which is that it is literally the heart of a home. No matter how nice the kitchen is or the plans that you have for its future, you will always find that it is the space that people consistently flock to and linger in. So, if you will be spending that much time there, it might as well be a great sight, right?

5. It Will Be Much More Functional

Chances are that regardless of what your budget might be, any upgrade undertaken is likely to make your kitchen more functional in a way. Whether it makes it more efficient for cooking, easier to clean, or simply easier to get around in, a kitchen remodel can transform the space from cumbersome to convenient with minimal work. If you can do a complete remodel, that will be even better. You will have the opportunity to address key functionality issues such as wall placement and kitchen layout – look at luxury kitchens in Surrey for inspiration.